Road Signs

Here is a selection of road signs which people tend to misunderstand. Have a think, then click on them to find out what they mean.

dual carriageway
Warning: End of dual carriageway
300 yards to level crossing
shared route for cyclists and pedestrians
Shared route for cyclists and pedestrians
dual carriageway
The national speed limit applies
no vehicles
No vehicles
dual carriageway
Warning: Level crossing with barrier
speed for trams
Speed limit for tram drivers
no stopping
No stopping
dual carriageway
One way
dual carriageway
No cars allowed
dual carriageway
No overtaking
no footway
Warning: Pedestrians may be walking in the road
dual carriageway
Give way
no pedestrians
No pedestrians allowed
route for bicycles only
Route for bicycles only
no Explosives
No vehicles carrying explosives
minimum speed
Minimum speed limit
dual carriageway
Warning: Overhead cables
pass either side to reach same destination
Pass either side to reach same destination
dual carriageway
T-Junction (Junction on a Bend).