Traffic Lights Quiz

Here are 10 questions relating to Traffic Lights.

Question 1.Where would you see this traffic light sequence? Which Traffic Light sequence is this?

At a Pelican Crossing
At a Zebra Crossing
At a Puffin Crossing
At a Toucan Crossing

Question 2.Where would you see a Belisha Beacon?

At a police station
At a junction
At a Zebra crossing
At a school crossing patrol

Question 3.When should you wait in a yellow box junction?

If you are waiting to turn right, and your exit road is clear
When it is busy, and you have been waiting a long time
If the person behind is angry

Question 4.If the traffic lights are broken who has priority?

Vehicles on the right (like a roundabout)
Vehicles on the left
Vehicles on the main road
No vehicles have priority

Question 5.What action is required at a solid (not flashing) amber traffic light?

Stop if it is safe to stop
You may continue for 2 seconds
You must stop
Continue if it has only just changed

Question 6.At a level crossing which lights will appear?

Flashing amber then steady red
Just twin flashing red
Steady amber, followed by twin flashing red
There are no lights

Question 7.True of False. “You must stop at a flashing amber light!”


Question 8. True of False. “All traffic lights must have a solid white line painted underneath them!”


Question 9. Where would you see this light? Which?

At a Pelican crossing
At a Toucan crossing
At a Puffin crossing
At a Zebra crossing

Question 10. Where are you likely to see this sign? Where?

At broken traffic lights
At new traffic lights
At temporary traffic lights
At a level crossing

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