Roundabouts: Which Lane?

Your first Job is to find out where you are going. Your driving test examiner may say something like this:

"At the roundabout I would like you to go straight on, it is the second exit."

Which lane would you use?

The Standard (prescribed in the Highway Code) Procedure is:


Highway Code Roundabout Illustration

The highway code suggests the left lane, or the most appropriate lane.

lanes lanes

Beware where there are three lanes on the approach lane to a roundabout, you MAY or MAY NOT require the left lane.

You must:

As with all hazard procedure, apply (and repeat if necessary) the system of car control on the approach:


If you're lost?

If you're not sure which exit you need, use the right lane and go around the roundabout until you identify the exit you need. Then leave on the next go around.

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